M14 Smoke Grenade

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WHITE- Screening

RED- Danger Zone

GREEN- Safe Zone

 BLUE- Medical Zone

ORANGE- Distress Zone/Maritime 

PURPLE- Landing Zone

1. Safety Distance - 5 Meters

2. Fuse burn Time - 3.5 Seconds (+/-0.5 sec)

3. Smoke emission time - Average: 45-55 sec (Not including fuse burn)

4. Sound level (db) - Negligible

5. Output - Dense smoke coverage 

6. Product motion from test point - 1 meter from firing point

7. Fragment zone - N/A

8. Destruction - N/A

9. Safety Equipment - Please refer to product msd and use instructions

10. Product dimensions - Height 121mm Width 44mm


The use of this product is intended for military / police / training / paintball & air-soft use.

The use of this product required eye and ear protection including gloves.

Please refer to terms and conditions for product MSDS and Performance sheet.

NO SHIPPING TO P.O BOX FOR HAZMAT GOODS, Direct signature required!!

Please note HAZMAT ITEMS Cannot be combined with any other products due to shipping restrictions, a separate order must be made for all Non Hazmat items.

 No shipping to the following states: 

Alaska and Hawaii