M14 Smoke Grenade

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WHITE- Screening

RED- Danger Zone

GREEN- Safe Zone

 BLUE- Medical 

ORANGE- Maritime

PURPLE- Landing Zone

1. Safety Distance - 5 Meters

2. Fuse burn Time - 3.5 Seconds (+/-0.5 sec)

3. Smoke emission time - Average: 45-55 sec (Not including fuse burn)

4. Sound level (db) - Negligible

5. Output - Dense smoke coverage 

6. Product motion from test point - 1 meter from firing point

7. Fragment zone - N/A

8. Destruction - N/A

9. Safety Equipment - Please refer to product msd and use instructions

10. Product dimensions - Height 121mm Width 44mm


The use of this product is intended for military / police / training / paintball & air-soft use.

Please refer to terms and conditions for product MSDS and Performance sheet

Please note HAZMAT ITEMS Cannot be combined with any other products due to shipping restrictions, a separate order must be made for all Non Hazmat items.

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Alaska and Hawaii