Level 3+ Armor Plate


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The pricing above is for a single plate

10x12 Armor plate

Hard Armor Plate is an ultralight (3.2lb), low-profile, rifle-resistant, polyethylene plate, designed to offer substantial protection against select rifle threats, up to 7.62x51 Nato round, with multi-shot capability, meeting the ballistic requirements of NIJ 0101.06 Level III+, this level is perfect for anyone who seeks rifle protection against active shooter situation.

Fits securely in the pocket of most vests and plate carriers (front and back). It is curved to fit close to your body and covered in nylon to protect against sun and typical wear and tear.

Polyethylene plates offer the lowest risk in spall danger (fragmentation of the rear of the plate).

Not only this is one of the lightest plates but it is far less expensive than anything comparable.

Highly recommended for daily professional use.


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