Link for PPC Course & Examination:
  • These items are for professional use only, and require Professional Pyrotechnic Certification (PPC) to purchase.
  • You must pass the IWA Professional Pyrotechnic Certification online Course & Exam to become a certified user/purchaser of our professional pyrotechnic devices.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to become certified.
  • These items are for Law Enforcement, Military & Security training, Maritime/Signaling, Film Industry, Airsoft and Paint Ball War Activities engaged in by properly trained professionals.
  • These items are not for consumer use. To purchase, possess or use these items, a person must meet all of the requirements for professional use noted above.
  • Purchaser of these products must familiarize themselves with all applicable laws and regulations, and may not resell, unless in compliance with those laws and regulations.
  • The requirement for Professional Use Only is met by a person when they have the necessary knowledge, education, skill, training, demonstration, and/or prior experience to safely, legally and responsibly use our pyrotechnic devices.
  • Professional Use Only products may not be used by a person that does not have knowledge and training on how to use the products safely, legally and responsibly unless they are under the direct and continuous supervision of a person meeting the IWA Professional Pyrotechnic Certification requirements for Professional Use.
 Link for PPC Course & Examination below: