1. Are our pyrotechnic devices legal and for civilian use?

Yes, all our products are legal for civilian use and approved by the A.T.F.


2. What is the shelf-life?

2 years from manufacturer date, 5-10 years when stored in a cool and dry place.


3. Are any Permits/Licenses required to purchase? 

No, permits or license are not necessary to purchase our products.


4. What are the shipping restrictions?

Hazmat items cannot be shipped to a PO BOX

We ship Hazmat goods to the lower 48 states ONLY: NO Hawaii or Alaska

Adult signature is required

To purchase a combination of Hazmat Device(s) with any Non-Hazmat Item(s), you must execute separate orders and shipments in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and FedEx regulations. 

Should you wish to purchase a combination of Hazmat Devices, as per the order of the (DOT), the following pyrotechnic devices may be shipped together, or in any combination thereof: M10 Ball Grenade Marking DeviceM12 Distraction Device, or M14 Smoke Grenade (each a “Hazmat Device,” collectively “Hazmat Devices”). You may purchase multiple units of hazmat devices in one order and shipment; however, no more than 27 units per box or our system will automatically execute a second hazmat/shipping fee in accordance with these terms.

These order and shipment policies are drafted in accordance with DOT regulations, in conjunction with FedEx shipping policies.  Therefore, any transaction(s) in violation of these order and shipment policies will not be authorized on the site. Sorry for any inconvenience.