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The I.W.A medical/trauma kit was designed by  Israeli special operations and Assembled by I.W.A to give a quick and fast response for most trauma injuries in battle and urban warfare. 

The kit includes all the main and basic tools to save lives for everyday use. 

The medical gear in the kit is 100% made in Israel with the highest Quality and durability. 

The kit is a molle system and can be attached to your vest/plate carrier.



Kit Includes:

- 1 Wound trauma dressing.

- 4 Non woven conforming bandage: 7x2.7 m stretched  length.

- 1 Emergency bandage 4" also known as Israeli bandage.

- 1 Large wound trauma dressing.

- 1 Tuff-cut EMT Scissors.

- 1 Rubber TOURNIQUET.

- 1 Daclean disinfection solution 125 ml.

- 2 Sterile nonwoven pad size 7.5x7.5 cm, 4 per pack.

- 2 Green glow chem lights.

- 4 Elastic butterfly band aid.

- 1 Round plaster tape in plastic white cover, size 2.5x2.5.

- 2 set blue medic gloves.

- 1 CAT Tourniquet.



To ensure the safety of our customers I.W.A International Inc will not accept returns on medical gear.