MJG Firewire Initiator

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Used by both professionals and consumers to light all types of fuse and pyrotechnic. All tails of the wire have a slit in them for easier separation

ATF approved. The only ATF non-regulated initiator on the market. Don't be fooled, the safety explosives act of 2003 regulated all igniters. After many samples and conversations with the ATF, we are proud to announce that we have a non-regulated product. These were made specifically for rocketry, law enforcement, consumer fireworks, and pyrotechnics.  

This is a Hazmat item, Hazmat Shipping Required:  UN 0454 Igniters 1.4S

No Returns on Hazmat items.


Product Details

10 Feet long

Bridgewire Resistance: 1ohm +/- .2 ohms

Maximum No-Fire Current: .30 amp. (300milliamp.)

Minimum All-Fire Current: .60 amp (600 milliamp.)

Recommended Minimum Firing Current: .75 amp

Recommended Nominal Firing Current: 1.00 amp

Maximum Test Current: .04 amp (40 milliamp.)

N.E.Q.: .03 grams