Stringbound Maroon Device

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The Stringbound Maroon is sold as an inert container.

This device, is useful in movies, special effects, and other applications.  The Maroon can produces a loud audible effect along with orange flame, and smoke when initiated. 

IWA International is excited to be able to offer this device in an inert form to customers who wish to assemble the device by adding a black powder charge and installing a non-ATF-regulated electric igniter. The purchaser of the device can complete the assembly by adding black powder and sealing the device. 

IWA will provide the containment device and sealant kit to customers who wish to install the igniter. When sold in this form, no “professional use only” restrictions apply.

Customers may use igniters obtained independently or purchase non-ATF-regulated igniters from IWA. These igniters provided by IWA are not regulated by ATF. These igniters do not have the restriction “for professional use only”.

Please note that as sold, this does not constitute a “kit and/or component” salute device, because NO black powder is provided.

The purchasers that assemble this device, must provide the black powder. ONCE the devices are assembled AND CONTAIN THE BLACK POWDER CHARGE (IF stored ATF regulations WILL apply), so it is recommended that the device be used at the site of assembly. You must use the assembled devices in compliance with the applicable state and local regulations.

Stringbound Maroons 115g/225g/450g

Stringbound Maroons functions via an electric igniter, so once fired it activates instantly.

The body is constructed from both cardboard and string which are both durable and cost effective materials, which also adds to the dynamics of the explosive effect.

The design ensures that the Stringbound maroons are fully waterproof and the overall design and shape enables the Stringbound maroon to easily fit into holes and small spaces.

Designed to be filled with ease and also provides options of composition which enables multiple types of effects.


Available Sizes

Small: holds up to 115 grams (1/4 pound) of Black Powder

Medium: holds up to 225 grams (1/2 pound) of Black Powder

Large: holds up to 450 grams (1 pound) of Black Powder